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Revolutionise medication routines with Rita - stay organised, on time, and in control of health journeys for a happier, healthier life.

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Meet Rita.

An at-home smart pill device, packed with personality and features to seamlessly integrate into your or a loved ones daily routine.

Track yours or your family’s consumption at home or on the go.

Keeping track of the “when did I have that” or “who’s had what” can be time consuming and tiring. Designated users and carers within the ‘Rita App’ can have full health data of what and when medication has been ‘dropped’.

“The ability to have see if my family has taken her medication is pivotal for thier health, but also my piece of mind when I’m not around”

Paul Lucas

Refill at home or get Halos delivered straight to your door.*

Keeping track of the Save time on reoccurring medications and prescriptions with our ‘Halo’ refill cartridges. Have pre-packaged ‘Halos’ delivered straight to your door, then simply load the cartridge into Rita and you’re ready to go!

*Halos coming soon, not available at launch.


Rosie Luchford

Focus on the things that truly matter.

Carers, we think your time gold dust! It shouldn't be wasted on admin or spending hours opening and organising pill boxes every single week. Let us take care of that, and you can focus on things that truly matter, your loved one or patient.

“Being able to spend time with my mum, and not have to always focus on her medication routines, will really help me connect with her”

Helen Critten

Reimagining the whole system.

We believe that if it ain’t broke, it still needs improving. Your health and well-being deserve the best, not just what’s always been done.

Flexible Capacity

Splitting the medication across three bays allows us to allocate capacity for each individual use case.


Security is our priority, an integrated fingerprint sensor to ensure the right user is getting their medication.

Multiple Users

Flexible capacity and the integrated fingerprint, allows us dedicate partitions of the device for multiple users.

Smart Home Enabled

Connecting Rita to your smart speakers and lights allows you to receive ambient notifications, anywhere in your home.


Introducing the circular economy into the medication industry, reducing the amount of single-use plastic in health journeys.


Using simple and standardised parts allows us to lower our costs, passing these savings onto you.

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